Essential Elements of Kitchen Renovation?

essential elements of kitchen renovation

If you don’t have a professional design company handling essential elements of kitchen renovation you’re probably starting from a place of uncertainty.

Which considerations are the most crucial? How vital is each component, and which ones can be skipped if necessary? Even though every kitchen is unique, these are some things you should consider when updating yours.

Essential Elements of Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing beats new kitchen cabinets! If you are happy with their layout and design, you should consider refacing your kitchen cabinets. You can swap the front and attached hardware. You can achieve the look of newly installed cabinets without the associated cost or effort.

You may want to consider getting new cabinets if you are unhappy with the current arrangement or if they are in poor condition. These days, you can choose from a wide variety of materials, from steel to reclaimed wood.


A change in countertops can also significantly affect the overall look of a room. Numerous materials, including butcher block, laminate, and granite, are available as alternatives for kitchen work surfaces. Select something that doesn’t get damaged easily, lasts a long time, and can handle the rain.

We can help you strike the perfect balance between form and function in your kitchen or bathroom at Senso Design


The kitchen flooring you choose will affect the aesthetics of the room, but it will also affect the atmosphere. A kitchen floor that can withstand daily use looks excellent and is simple to clean is ideal.

You need a pleasant kitchen floor to stand on for long periods. There isn’t just one perfect floor for kitchens; you can choose from dozens of excellent materials that could work wonderfully.

Paint Job

Simply applying a new coat of paint can remarkably affect the look of your kitchen. A light and airy color scheme can trick the eye into perceiving a larger kitchen.

Selecting a darker paint color for the kitchen can help achieve a more homey and intimate atmosphere. Choose the perfect color scheme for your one-of-a-kind room with our assistance.


Updating the windows in your kitchen, if you have them, is highly recommended. Increasing the light coming into the room from outside can make it feel and look much more prominent. Simply put, it can improve one’s time spent cooking.

Contact us or visit our showroom if you have any questions about kitchen remodeling or need help locating the appropriate materials and products.

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Factors to Consider in Kitchen Design

Okay, so you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen. Some people remap their kitchens to accommodate new appliances, while others hope to raise their home’s value. Below we have the six most important aspects to keep in mind when remodeling a kitchen. These essential elements of a kitchen renovation give your kitchen a new look.


The kitchen’s layout is of paramount importance because of the room’s versatility. Nowadays, a kitchen island is a staple in an open floor plan that includes a living or dining area. As a result of this design, the kitchen can serve as a social hub where meals can be prepared and consumed.

As the sink, refrigerator, and stove play a central role in the cooking process, they are often referred to as the “Work Triangle”. To truly claim efficiency and maximize functionality in the kitchen, the “Work Triangle” must be observed.


Updating or replacing appliances in the kitchen should be done with the same style in mind. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where guests are most likely to congregate. Having appliances of varying colors can be jarring to the eye and distracting from the aesthetic appeal of a home.

Materials (Flooring, Countertops, etc.)

Numerous options exist for both flooring and countertops. You would set priorities based on the project’s goals and financial constraints.

Vinyl flooring and laminate counters are two low-cost alternatives. Both are available in a rainbow of colors and patterns and can withstand spills and stains. Their longevity of around ten years allows their owner to adapt to shifting fashions quickly.

Laminate flooring and butcher block countertops are two choices for those on a moderate budget. Both materials are available in various colors and designs and are resistant to water and common stains. About 15 years is the average lifespan, providing the homeowner with durability and fashionableness.

Those with a larger budget who want long-lasting materials and a kitchen that will “wow” their guests can choose from various high-end features, such as tile or hardwood flooring and stone countertops. Depending on the owner’s care, the lifespan can range from 25 to 50 years.


Everything from tiny utensils to massive stockpots is perfectly acceptable in the kitchen, as are the staples like food, spices, and serving vessels. Maintaining a clean and orderly workspace is crucial to the success of any cook. Making the most of available space by developing novel solutions for storing kitchenware and utilizing cutting-edge tools.

You will determine the success of creating storage where it is needed most by carefully planning and considering all the available options tailored to your specific needs.


Electricity powers today’s appliances and lights and serves as a charging hub for our many electronic devices. You’ll need an outlet in the kitchen for your coffee machine, food processor, blender, and even your phone or tablet computer.

For example, if you want to move your refrigerator or stove, you’ll need a qualified electrician to reroute the power to that spot. Lighting over the stove or range and ventilation above them are both necessities.

You must install a GFI outlet within 8 feet of a sink or other water source to prevent electrical shock or other hazards.

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Types of Kitchen Renovation

Cosmetic Kitchen Renovation

Removable components are typically the focus of a cosmetic kitchen remodel. A new countertop, tiled backsplash, appliances, hardware for cabinet doors and drawers, and even paint could fall under this category.

If you plan on selling your home soon and only a few minor things need upgrading, you may want to consider a cosmetic kitchen remodel. Cosmetic renovations are also an option if you’ve recently moved into a house and aren’t fond of any of the finishes (such as the paint color, the countertop, etc.).

If you want to update your kitchen but don’t want to shell out the cash for an entirely new one, you could always go with a cosmetic renovation.

Remove and Reinstall

The removal and reinstallation renovation is an extension of the superficial one. In this type of renovation, everything is taken out and put back together in the same spot. In most cases, this kitchen makeover entails eradicating the existing cabinetry and replacing it with brand-new units. That’s because the location of your kitchen fixtures, like the sink, fridge, and stove, won’t change.

This type of renovation can include new cabinetry and hardware, as well as new countertops, backsplash, lighting, appliances, and flooring.

Custom Modular Kitchen Design

The potential of such an upgrade is limitless. To design the ideal kitchen for you, you should let your thoughts run wild. If you want to change the layout of your kitchen or just make some extra room, you should consider a renovation like this.

A new kitchen layout is included in this makeover. You may have to relocate the appliances. Get rid of the breakfast nook to make room for a more oversized kitchen. Functionality upgrades are common reasons for a custom renovation in the kitchen.

You may also adapt to new requirements imposed by your way of life. When your children have grown up and moved out, you may find a new and exciting use for your kitchen.

When doing a custom kitchen renovation, removing or opening up walls is common. To do this properly, you must first determine whether or not the wall you intend to remove or relocate is a load-bearing wall. Always seek the advice of a professional, have accurate plans drawn up, and obtain the required permits. You need this for reasons of both personal security and homeowner’s insurance.

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Summing Up Essential Elements of Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations should begin with a thorough needs assessment. A “perfect” kitchen remodel, one that satisfies the wants and needs of each family, is now within reach, thanks to the wide variety of styles and flavors of materials on the market. The kitchen is the focal point of the day’s and the future’s most significant events.

To create the space to meet and exceed these requirements, careful planning and analysis of these elements in kitchen remodeling are required. Call Senso Design at +1 (416) 900-3675 or fill out the contact form if you want some advice on your next kitchen renovation project in Toronto or nearby areas.

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