How to Choose a Basement Renovation Contractor?

How to Choose a Basement Renovation Contractor

Basements can add great value to a house, and should not be overlooked by any means. They can turn into an amazing movie theater, an efficient gym, or a spacious play area for the children. The most common basement setup, however, is to turn the space into yet another house, with bedrooms and bathrooms. And, to check how to do that, homeowners must look for and choose basement renovation contractors.

Senso Design offers great projects on basement renovations. Check our portfolio and reach out to us – our professional staff can assist you with turning your basement into an efficient space for you.

How to Choose Good-quality and Reliable Contractors for Your Basement Renovation?

To properly renovate your basement, you naturally must choose a basement renovation contractor, first and foremost. The company will inspect your basement, and communicate with you to get a better understanding of what you would like to do with the space – do you want to make use of it for gym and exercising? Do you want to turn it into a gaming area? Would you prefer to build another house, and rent it to someone else?

But you need to do your homework – perform a well throughout research on the basement renovation contractor companies that are out there, make a comparison among their portfolios, check their prices, and what people say in the reviews about them. Next, select the one that called your attention the most, and set your own budget.

And don’t forget to request any permits or licenses needed to renovate your basement!

How Senso Design Can Assist You With Your Basement Renovation: We Are the Best Basement Renovation Contractors in Toronto and the GTA

We at Senso Design pride ourselves in offering our clients the best basement renovation services of Toronto and the GTA. Our specialty lies in customizing basements to the needs and wants of our clients – therefore, our services are tailored to specific customers.

Our licensed and trained staff can turn any basement into wine cellars, gyms, playrooms, a movie theater, or just another space with a bedroom and a bathroom. Whatever your renovation wish is, we will make it happen – we will turn your basement into a spacious and efficient area that is stylish and comfortable for you and your family.

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Benefits of a Basement Renovation With Senso Design

With Senso Design, your Toronto basement renovation will focus on the value it can add to your home – a finished basement attracts potential buyers or anyone that is looking to rent a space for themselves. The return of investment will compensate for the renovation costs.

Therefore, a basement renovation with Senso Design maximizes your budget – yet another benefit of working with us. You can expand your living space and get extra income thanks to it. And this extra living space is, of course, an extra benefit homeowners get, since they can make proper use of yet another area of their homes.

Another benefit of renovating your basement with Senso Design is the comfort and the aesthetically pleasing experience you can get. If you are not looking to rent your basement, you can turn it into an entertainment area for games and movies, or into a cellar or bar for guests. The possibilities are endless when you work with us!

Reach Out to Us at Senso Design – And We Will Renovate Your Toronto Basement According to Your Needs And Budget

Senso Design is a professional Basement Renovation Contractor in Toronto, who takes their job seriously and with passion. First, we contact our clients and discuss their best basement renovation options, keeping their budget and their needs and wants in mind. Then, we proceed to turn their basement into the efficient space they wish to have.

We have provided clients with extra bedrooms and bathrooms, maximizing the value and return on investment of their homes – which also gave them an extra source of income for renting the space. We have also turned basements into efficient storage areas, wine cellars, bars, game areas, gyms and movie theaters.

Our ultimate goal is to give clients excellent customer service and showcase great professionalism. Our licensed staff is trained and dedicated to turn basements into spaces where families will love and find comfort in.

To start your journey with Senso Design, visit our website or call us at 416-900-3675, to book a free consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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What adds the most value when finishing a Toronto basement?

Having an extra bathroom and an extra bedroom adds the most return of investment to a finished basement by, at least, 20 percent of the property. Adding extra space also attracts buyers.

How do I decide to finish my basement in Toronto?

To make that decision first and foremost, homeowners must inspect the basement and look for any signs of general damage that need renovations, and see how the electrical and plumbing systems are functioning.

This inspection can give homeowners an idea of what needs to be done, and where to start when renovating a basement.

How much does it cost to finish a 1000 sq ft basement in Toronto?

Renovations in a typical Toronto basement will depend on the general conditions of the basement itself – the general damages, the plumbing system, and the electrical system will play an important role. The average cost can oscillate between 35 to 55 thousand dollars.

What are the benefits of working with Senso Design?

Our trained and professional staff can turn your basement into a spacious area that will provide you with luxury, comfort, and a good return on investment. We at Senso Design think about your budget needs and demands.

How can Senso Design help me with my basement renovation in Toronto?

At Senso Design, we offer professionalism and reliable service to our clients. To know more and understand what we can do for you and for your basement, contact us at 416-900-3675 or visit our website

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