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A new kitchen or cabinets for your home come with a distinct set of accents known as cabinet fittings or interior fitments. The fitments are used to help organize drawers or doors. They are inserted in different cabinets to help make more space for the things you need to store. At Senso Design, we have all the accessories to help improve the functionality of any room with kitchen cabinet fittings or kitchen cabinet organizers. To understand the importance of the cabinet fittings, we seek to provide an education of sorts to help you make a decision when you purchase cabinets for the kitchen, laundry room, the bathroom, or your home office. Our cabinet fitments are designed with the client in mind. Our kitchen cabinet fittings and kitchen cabinet organizers are customized to suit your needs every day. Kitchen cabinet organizers are used to maximize space, organize all the tools of the cooking trade neatly, and they become easy to find when needed. Kitchen cabinets fittings are the inserts we at Senso Design use to help organize your drawers or cabinets to keep them operational after years of use. When you visit our showroom, at Senso Design, to design the cabinets you need for any use around the house, we would be remiss in our responsibilities if we didn’t show the accents ready to adorn your new cabinets. Managing clutter is half the battle for new cabinets, making them stylish and elegant is where the fitments or organizers come in. Rifling a drawer for a knife or something else is wasted time when you could have kitchen cabinets organizers sorting out your cutlery. Cabinet organizers or fitments take on many styles of finishes. From plastic-coated racking to laminate shelves that slide out of the cabinet, there are many choices available. Organize your cabinets and drawers your way with the quality products we have in our inventory.

Base Cabinet Organizer Pull-Out

This unit is installed in the kitchen, den, laundry room, or nursery when you need to create space. As you can see, it can contain shelving – depending on size - you can get at least three. You can use them for the items you use regularly. It makes reaching for something from the back of the cabinet a thing of the past. The shelving and the additional dividers can be sized to fit, and the dividers are versatile for use when you have large and small items to store.

Pull-Out Pantry Systems

This pantry pullout shelves has the benefit of a pullout shelf, ending bending and stooping for things. This arrangement works best in any situation, and the shelves will slide out in varying degrees for you to get what you need. They are reliable and well supported by the hardware that is installed. The shelving can be flat or made with a rail to keep items from falling to the floor when the cabinet door is opened.
Black pullout pantry fitment

Detergents Pull-Out

This little gem is for the laundry room but will work in any cabinet combination that requires a pullout shelf. The insert works on sliding on a track; the pullout serves to maintain items that would sit on the bottom of the cabinet, making them tough to access. When the pullout slides out, you get a complete view of the materials stored and they easily retrieved. A real labour saver, this pullout is something to have in any area of the home where you need cabinet storage.

Waste and Recycling Solutions

Every home generates waste, and that is not up for debate. But, how we handle the refuse in our kitchens is a defining characteristic of our habits. At Senso Design, we take the out the trash so to speak with our under cabinet storage unit. It can be located on any lower tier of your kitchen cabinets, and it is divided to help sort recyclables for easy removal of the garbage. Greening the kitchen has never been easier than it is with a waste bin system by Senso Design
Pullout waste bin fitment

Cutlery Dividers and Drawer Dividers

Getting the most out of your drawer space is essential to maintaining order in your kitchen drawers. Cutlery dividers will make drawer disorganization a thing of the past when you install them. Drawer sizes can be matched with divider sizes to create maximum use of space. At Senso Design, we carry many different styles, but, by far, our most popular dividers are the granite finish and translucent finish for your drawers.
Graphite cutlery divider fitment

Lemans Kidney Corner Solutions

The Corner Optima Pull-Out Shelving Unit, LeMans Kidney Corner Unit, and Fly Moon Corner Cabinet Pull Out-fitments are trays that have been specially shaped to match the dimensions of the corner cabinet area to be used. This selection goes in corner cabinets allows the homeowner to take advantage of space that otherwise would have been wasted with a fitment inserted in the spot. The choices come with a soft closing feature, give it a little push, and walk away. The surface material comes in different types of material, and non-slip surfaces are available with some models.
Dark corner pullout fitment

Magic Corner and Smart Corner Pull-Outs

This item is a space saver’s dream. With but a single tug, magic corner or smart corner pullouts are brought into the open. They are mounted baskets that have two shelves that augment the design and, when open, reveal the items stored in an easily accessible position. Internal pullout shelves are the smart corner’s pullout a thing to behold.

Universal Corner Pull-Out

Two-way sliding baskets that pull straight out and push right back make this corner solution an efficient and straightforward solution for your corner fitment challenges. This unit is a universal application; it is mounted on the left hand or right-hand cabinet doors for easy use in any area.
Universal corner pullout cabinet

Lazy Susan is now Super Susan

We all know about the Lazy Susan, it would be inserted in a pie-shaped area in a kitchen cabinet combo and utilized space well. The Super Susan takes it one step further. Wire baskets are included in the ensemble that affords increased storage space that improves organizational capacity with this unit.
Super Susan corner cabinet fitment

Rolling Corner Pull-Out

As a blind storage corner solution, the rolling corner pullout can’t be beaten. It helps provide design consistency for your kitchen layout with two independently opening shelves that use drawer fronts instead of the entire cabinet door.
Dark rolling corner pullout cabinet

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Increased storage keeps your kitchen items arranged and quickly found. It doesn’t matter if it is pots and pans, cutlery, or kitchen waste. Kitchen organizers handle the toughest storage jobs easily.
  • Cabinet organizers bring order and structure to a kitchen. Your items are accessible and no more reaching for something you don’t see. When your kitchen cabinet organizers have been installed, you will enjoy your kitchen a lot more. With everything at your fingertips, cooking becomes a joy rather than something to dread because you don’t know where everything is, and you want to avoid the kitchen.
  • From an ergonomic standpoint, kitchen cabinet organizers can be beneficial for people who find bending and stooping a problem. Sliding shelves or static kitchen cabinet organizers bring the items to you rather than searching for them. Easy installation and operation make the kitchen cabinet organizers the future of kitchen innovation and design.
  • Kitchen cabinet organizers are built to last a lifetime. Quality materials, securely fastened to a drawer or door, will increase functionality in a way you never thought of before.
  • As a home improvement project, cabinet fittings will increase the resale value of your home. When potential buyers come to see your home, they will be impressed with your cabinet fittings. It is the little things that people remember, and organized kitchen cabinets say the family is orderly when storing their possessions.

FAQs, cabinet fittings

What is available?

There are many types of cabinet fittings or kitchen cabinet organizers. They come in many styles that will suit any drawer or door within the confines of your kitchen. From slide out shelves to Lazy Susan’s to embedded racking, there is a kitchen organizer for every home.

What will kitchen organizers do for me?

You can store spices, cutlery, cleaning products, pots and pans, and dishtowels efficiently and effective when you have cabinet organizers installed.

What do you offer for kitchen cabinet organizers?

At Senso Design, we carry a large inventory of cabinet fittings for you to choose from in our showroom. You can have slide-out organizers, embedded drawer organizers, or racking that comes in many colours and dimensions to suit your needs.

I have cabinets; can I buy organizers and install them myself?

At Senso Design, we don’t recommend the installation of kitchen cabinet organizers as a DIY project. The organizers require precise measurements and installation techniques that are best left to our professional installation team.

One of our family members has physical limitations, how will the organizers improve their quality of life?

Plate racks, at waist-high, are items that will reduce physical stress. Sliding cabinets or racking keep things in the front of you, and no contortions need be assumed to get your items out of your cupboards or drawers.

What should I store in my kitchen cabinet organizers?

Anything you need in your kitchen can and should be stored in a kitchen organizer. Prioritize your items, things you use frequently put in the front, and things you use sparingly in the back. You can categorize your items and set them up as you use them. For example, baking items can be stored in one cabinet, pots and pans in another and cutlery in a drawer.

Senso Says Quality

At Senso Design, we have partnered with some of the top interior fitments hardware manufacturing firms to deliver the best in quality and elegant design. We work with Richelieu, Hafele, Nuvo, McFadden’s and Marathon to combine cabinets with cabinet fitments that blend in with your home’s décor. Helping you make selections along the way will be our expert design team. They have years of experience and thousands of completed projects under their belts, and they know cabinets. Let our experts channel their creativity, helping you choose from the latest, traditional, or something a little bit different in cabinets or organizers that will bring order to your home. The fitments we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and our workmanship warranty is for two-years.

Senso Design, at Your Service

For more than 20-years, we at Senso Design have delivered on the promise of quality cabinets for the right price expertly installed to your satisfaction. All of our cabinets and fitments have the industry’s seal of approval and wouldn’t use inferior products when assembling the cabinets or cabinet organizers of your dreams. Everything we recommend comes with specific design features that match your ideas when it comes time to remodel your kitchen or add some organization to it. It starts when you enter the showroom and meet with one of our top-notch designers, right on through the cabinet installation team. They work from a best practices position, and the work they do is simply unparalleled in our business. We value our customers, and we treat them like friends when they come to us for advice and new products to improve the quality of their lives. We want to extend an invitation to you to come to our showroom to see everything that will make your house a home. A personalized consultation can be booked by appointment or by walking in. Let’s explore your options for cabinet organizers or anything else you need to support your lifestyle. We know that choosing new cabinets and accessories can be fraught with complications. Let us simplify the process for you at Senso Design You have a personalized consultation waiting for you at Senso Design, call us today at 416-900-3675 to book your appointment.
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Interior Fitments


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