8 Tips for Renovating a Small Kitchen

Tips for Renovating a Small Kitchen

Are you looking to renovate the heart of your home? If we’re sincere, not many domestic ventures match the time, money, and hassle of tackling a small kitchen renovation – even without busting out the hammer.

Nevertheless, they say Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither can your dream kitchen, no matter how small. But where do we begin?

If you were to take a moment to observe the space and how you use it, do you know what you like and don’t like about it? Which areas always end up a mess? That’s where you start with a plan. Senso Design unwraps eight more tips for renovating a small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Renovation Tips

1. Plan Out Your Colour Scheme

The colours you choose are crucial for your kitchen renovation. When picking out the colour scheme for your kitchen, remember that the best ones give personality and interest to the space without making it feel crowded and boxed in.

Of course, one can’t go wrong with monochrome – cool whites, beachy pastels, warm neutrals, and earth tones are all great choices because they make the space more open. However, that’s not to say that you should avoid bold and saturated hues when renovating a small kitchen – you just need to place them strategically. For instance: high contrast between the cabinetry and the walls can visually chop up the room.

2. Pay Attention to the Platte in the Materials

When revamping a small kitchen, it’s easy to lose your way in the slew of options for materials and finishes. With no rules-of-thumb or one-size-fits-all approaches, this may be one of the most challenging parts of the project – even more so when you consider that you’ll be touching and experiencing these materials day-to-day.

Our best pieces of advice? The materials you choose for renovating a small kitchen should be durable and easy to clean.

Start with the biggest item of colour and texture, such as the island or cabinetry, as the basis of the materials palette. For your island, go for granite or composite materials – zinc, stainless steel, or natural wood for a bigger statement. Then, stick with durable and easy-to-clean materials.

Smack dab at eye level, and the cabinets are best kept as simple and natural as possible – wood, marble, or slate are all always good calls. And lastly, use additional finishes to tie the kitchen’s look together.

Remember: contrast is vital – for example, if your countertop is visually active, you can choose a backsplash colour that calms everything down.

3. Don’t Skimp on the Sink

Sizing your sink to your kitchen might seem logical. Nevertheless, when it comes to renovating a kitchen that’s on the smaller side, homeowners often make the mistake of choosing a little sink.

A too-small basin quickly gets crowded and washing large pans, pots, or a wok is challenging – you need a decent amount of space for food prep and cleanup, after all. For one thing, doing so gives you more usable counter space and to make things even better, it looks a bazillion times more appealing than the usual clunky plastic drainboard.

4. Think Big for Tiles

Experts typically advise installing large format tiles in small spaces. It may seem counterintuitive at first. However, when you think about it, the larger the tiles, the fewer grout lines and visual clutter.

In contrast, using teeny-tiny tiles – such as mosaics – results in a grid-like appearance, making your kitchen design look busy and the room smaller. You can make the most of this trick of the eye by choosing a complementary or matching colour grout that will make the room feel seamless.

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5. Embrace New Stove Tech

One of the biggest woes of living with a super tiny kitchen? Not being able even to fit standard-sized appliances in your cooking space. So, that gas stove raised above the worktop that came with your apartment probably won’t work if you’ve got a weeny kitchen!

The good news? There are loads of options out there designed especially for small-space dwellers. Take induction cooktops, for example – they take a bit of getting used to but still give your kitchen a streamlined look and don’t heat your space unnecessarily.

Induction cooktops save not only space but energy too.

6. Rethink the Refrigerator

While discussing fitting standard-sized appliances in tiny kitchens, you might also want to rethink your refrigerator – since going full-size isn’t an option. However, if you still need something with more capacity than a mini fridge, you’d want to look for a happy medium.

Going for a smaller fridge is nothing to fret about! All it takes to discover the advantages of less cooling space is a minor shift in your shopping habits. By rethinking refrigeration, you’re less likely to buy more food than you can eat.

The contents of a little fridge are always front and center. You should hire residential movers when supplying your Toronto abode with appliances. If you’re dealing with a crowded kitchen, you need experts to deal with the heavy lifting and maneuvering.

7. Go Tall With the Cabinets

When renovating a small kitchen, it is wise to opt for cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. The high-up storage is fantastic for storing items like specialty cooking tools or any other item you don’t use that often. It offers that much-needed storage room while eliminating the awkward above-the-cabinet space that only collects cobwebs and dust.

8. Explore Your Dishwasher Options

Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you must miss out on the benefits of a dishwasher. A dishwasher is a total game-changer regarding a person’s kitchen lifestyle – it frees up space and time so families can enjoy food prep and dining with a renewed sense of ease.

And just because you don’t have the standard 24 inches to spare does not mean you can’t reap the benefits! It all comes down to selecting the style and placement carefully and then skillfully integrating the dishwasher into the rest of your kitchen design. This way, you won’t lose any valuable kitchen real estate.

For instance, an 18-inch under-the-sink dishwasher can fit into most tiny kitchens. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for a couple or a smaller family! It can do a day’s worth of dishes, thus saving you from doing so by hand 24/7.

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