How To Avoid A Financial Disaster When Considering A Kitchen Renovation

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Nowadays in Toronto it is very common for new homeowners to consider renovating their kitchen. Since with current housing market prices not every family can afford to buy a newly built home, most of the time they buy older houses and renovate them. However, a lot of the time when buying the house, people don’t consider the budget for renovation, especially kitchen renovation and in result they end up making lots of financial mistakes that cost them more money than it would if they were prepared. If you don’t want to be one of them then feel free to read this guide to help make your kitchen renovation project a success.

Do you really need to renovate your kitchen?

Although it is apparent that kitchen renovation is not one of the priorities on the list after you’ve bought your first home, it certainly is a necessity. For sure, the first thing you’d do is settle down, make sure everything is in order, check for any other important repairs that need to be done and only then start your kitchen renovation project. This is usually the case for new homeowners, if you’ve been living in your house for a long time, you definitely require a kitchen renovation, possibly even complete kitchen remodeling to freshen up the atmosphere of your kitchen and the house itself. Regardless of your reasoning, it is still a must, since not only it is best to upgrade old and outdated kitchen equipment for aesthetics and safety, but also uncover some deeper problems in your kitchen’s fundament which might not be visible to the naked eye. Hence saving you lots of money and some time in the future when the problem might pop up unexpectedly. Not only that, but if in the future you decide to move out to a bigger house, the selling price of your house will definitely increase, and your house will be listed at a higher value. This is due to the fact that it will be a much safer investment for the consumer, since a lot of the issues have been taken care of for them.


How do you plan out your kitchen renovation?

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Before you even start attempting to do any renovation work, your best bet would be to do research of your own on the prices for different kitchen elements. On top of that, think about how you are going to provide food for yourself and your family, since kitchen renovations usually take some time, you are not going to be able to use the kitchen. Therefore, you will have to eat out a lot, or possibly have dinner in another room, either way be prepared and also dedicate a budget to it.

Kitchen Renovation Pricing

Now what about the individual costs of different stages of kitchen renovation. Well first of all for new cabinets and countertops you can expect to spend from $7000 up to $8,000 on average; average price of wood flooring would be around $6,000; now if you also want stone countertops expect to spend around $4,000 on it; additionally to refinish the cabinets you will need on average $4,000; for ceramic flooring instead of wooden, you will only spend around $2,000 on average. Naturally, these are not the exact numbers, but that’s what the average Canadian spends in Ontario, this way you can get a nice rough estimate of some of the individual costs. All in all, it’s still up to your own preferences, since different styles and different materials have a different cost, but for on average Canadians spend around $25,000 on their kitchen renovation. If you are planning to use some of the top-quality kitchen appliances this number can go up to $50,000.

Last but not least is that you also need to add on top of your total amount about 20% for any unexpected issues that usually come up when you start looking into hidden corners of your old kitchen and depending on how old your kitchen is expect the percentage to bump up a little bit. These are not guaranteed numbers that you are going to get as each case is different, you might even need to spend much less. For a better assessment we would recommend you to contact us for you complimentary kitchen planning and we will help you figure out all your costs and help with your budget planning in such way that you are guaranteed to avoid any financial disasters.

Additional notes to keep in mind

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No matter how great you plan out your kitchen renovation, there is a chance that not everything is going to go according to plan as there are a lot of outside factors that will come in play, but that’s okay! No kitchen renovation goes perfectly, sometimes you might end up changing your mind in the process and it might end up making your kitchen look even better. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas and styles, keep an open mind and you will for sure love your new and renovated kitchen.

At Senso Design we value our customers, their time and their money, we strive to do the best job possible for each and every person, we take a personalized approach and make sure that your custom kitchen project ends up a success. Therefore if you decide to try complimentary kitchen planning with us and then order a kitchen renovation project from us, we will give you some amazing free bonuses that will help you save even more money and only benefit your kitchen renovation.

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