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Your kitchen is not just a place to prepare food; it makes a statement about who you are. Your kitchen renovation isn’t just a job to us at Senso Design; it is our mission to provide the best kitchen at the best price to suit your needs. We leverage years of experience with the finest Italian cabinetry designs and outstanding countertops to create spectacular kitchen concepts for our clients. When you review our products to adorn your home, the first thing that will come to mind is that we have an excellent selection of cabinets to fit any budget.

We strive to provide high-quality cabinets and accessories to keep your cabinets performing like the first day they were installed. Our products last for years, and we dominate the market in quality.

Classic Kitchens

A classic kitchen may be in keeping with the age old tradition but do not make the mistake of confusing it with a rural one. You can well have a classic kitchen installed within your city home today. Do not hesitate to go for the warm colors and simple décor either. The muted hues that you incorporate with the bright shine of gold and silver will make your kitchen an object of much envy in your neighborhood. Feel free to utilize the basic patterns that mimic nature onto your floor and walls. It will turn out to be an absolute delight.

Iman Classic Kitchen

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This design is a space saver. It is installed across an entire wall of the room that opens up space for many uses in your kitchen. You can have a dinette set in the room with plenty of room for appliances like a dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove. The utility is the best way to describe this kitchen ensemble that will provide a comfortable, satisfying experience at mealtime or entertaining over coffee or tea

Alexandra Classic Kitchen

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The Alexandra kitchen has the WOW factor attached to it. When you first see it, you marvel at how the colour combinations work. The colour schemes elicit a reaction that demonstrates how thoroughly impressed you are when gazing on this marvelous kitchen combination for the first time. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this kitchen design exudes passion in the deep brown hues of the cabinet combinations. The hardware that accompanies this kitchen plays off the colour scheme adding an anchor that the high-quality products provide.

Altea Classic Kitchen

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This kitchen set up is one that many people rave about when they see it. It separates the food preparation area from the dining area to create an ambiance of fine dining in your home. This kitchen says timeless beauty like no other. Accessibility combined with solid construction makes this kitchen one built to last, and its design never goes out of style.

Aurora Classic Kitchen

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The kitchen set-up comes in white as the primary colour scheme, and it comes across as a clean, pure style of kitchen. This choice uses glass as the primary accent for the doors of the upper cabinets to show off your kitchen utensils and crockery that make the meal an event for the whole family.

Vannesa Classic Kitchen

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Another in the single-wall design kitchen option, this selection provides space in small quarters that can best be used for other features, like a dining area or to accommodate appliances. Light tones and hues make this choice one of vibrant colours with hardware to match.

Modern Kitchens

Sharp lines and modern hardware make this selection the go-to for those who live at the cutting edge of life. The L-shape and glass cabinets add a space-age concept to the look of your kitchen. This selection is excellent in any residence and is for new builds and kitchen redesign projects.

Gala Modern Kitchen

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Glass and chrome accents make this kitchen the clear winner of modernist design. The dining area can double as an assembly point for the family or when entertaining guests. Many urban professionals select this choice as a reflection of their lifestyle.

Barbara Modern Kitchen

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Whether you choose the luxurious wood grain style or the glazed tile look, this kitchen design says opulence in a way that others don’t. You can have the wood grain tones in dark, mysterious hues, or a light grain that is inviting and says comfort.

Natalie Modern Kitchen

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The Natalie says charm and charisma, and it starts with the baseline black colour that works with a host of different colours. You can go light or dark with this selection and it offers a simple but stately functional kitchen.

Nika Modern Kitchen

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Pale natural shades lend an air of relaxation and comfort to this kitchen design. It offers a contrast to many of the modern designs, and the results are eye-catching. Let this kitchen be the one you have dreamt of and use it as a room to entertain or dine in with equal pleasure.

Urban Kitchens

The Senso Urban is a condo furniture system for your kitchen, which was developed based on decades of experience in custom kitchen manufacturing. The designs and finishes were selected by the experienced team of architects and designers. This is why, when ordering a Senso Urban kitchen, you can be absolutely certain that your kitchen will be comfortable, reliable, and – last but not least – stylish!

Winchester Urban Kitchen

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High-tech design, with functional minimalism, drives this design style. For people looking for a condo kitchen that has harmony as a common thread through the design, this kitchen is for them. As a contemporary kitchen, this style is one for the ages.

Module Urban Kitchen

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Originality, simplicity, elegance, and austerity – but not severe austerity is how this lean, clean kitchen is designed. No wasted space or ostentatious designs here. Just clean lines and solid colours with excellent hardware to set off the cabinets.

Kronocor Urban Kitchen

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If you are a fan of the French or Italian style of design for a kitchen, this selection is for you! Soft lines, ergonomic design, and facades are some of the features of this set-up. This kitchen relates to those who see their kitchen as a cozy nook that is enjoyed in comfort.

Palace Urban Kitchen

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This ensemble is created in the provincial style and is elegant in colour. This cabinet combination is a romantic interlude for the home. In a high-density urban setting, this kitchen is a relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life.

Urban Mix Kitchen

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This selection bundles the best of all urban design features in our catalog. You can mix and match different types of elements to create a custom kitchen that satisfies all your desires.

Senso Says Quality

Hardware is a crucial component when you select a new kitchen – if they don’t last, it makes your kitchen a disappointment. We want to reassure all of our customers that only the industry’s best equipment makes it to our furniture. We work with the giants of the industry, like Blum, Egger, Formica, Ironspan, and Renolit, to deliver quality products that will last for a lifetime. Our team of designers will help you with the selection of hardware for your new kitchen. When you meet with them for the first time, they will ask many questions to determine your home’s style to create the best outcome for your selection. Now that we have introduced you to our kitchen design styles and the hardware that will complement your kitchen, we know you have questions. So, we can help with an education of sorts to help you purchase that dream kitchen you desire

FAQs, Starting The Process

Where do I start when designing my kitchen?

If you need inspiration, consult the Internet to get a glimpse of what is available and see what you like and what you don’t. The question of need becomes apparent. You need to balance the nice to haves along with your needs in the decision-making process. Our designers at Senso will help identify your needs and make sure kitchen design principles drive the project.

I have a list of items, what do I do next?

In the design planning stage, the dimensions of your kitchen come into play. Our designer can come to your home to take measurements, or you can provide them. It is important to note here; if you are buying new appliances, those dimensions need to be provided. Senso modern kitchen

Do you have qualified people to help with design ideas?

We don’t sell a kitchen without the support of our design team. Our team has years of experience working with people who are in the process of kitchen redesign. They will take from concept to a finished kitchen that is installed in your home. They will work with you every step of the way, and our designers aren't happy until you are.

What are the details I should keep in mind when talking with your designers?

Functionality that satisfies the needs of how you work in your kitchen is our designer’s overriding consideration. Freedom of movement between fixtures and appliances is essential. Effective appliance positioning, which makes excellent use of space in the kitchen, is the goal. Doors that don’t interfere with the movement of other doors are vital elements for space usage. Space for people in the kitchen is essential too. Maximizing the number of people in the kitchen is what we want to help with in your search for a quality kitchen.

How long does it take to get the cabinets I ordered installed?

It depends on the kitchen remodel and whether it is in process or complete. If your kitchen redesign is incomplete, things like wiring, flooring, or light fixtures that aren't installed will push your timeline back. If the auxiliary projects are complete, it can take two to eight weeks from the time of order to installation.

How much lead-time should I budget?

Flooring contractors, electrical contractors, and demolition contractors will dictate the timeline you need. If it is a complete kitchen remodel, you should budget three months from start to finish. As a rule of thumb, one week for design and seven weeks to manufacture your custom cabinets is plenty of time.

How Do I Decide on My Space Usage and Style?

Your kitchen and home dimensions will determine whether you have a one-wall layout, galley style, L-shaped, or U-shaped layout. Another think about is the style of design that is your home. If you have rustic charm as a design theme of your home, an urban mix kitchen might be the best suited for your kitchen redesign. Our staff can help with the choices that will marry up well with the design theme of your home.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your New Kitchen

Now that you have chosen the kitchen of your dreams, you need to care for it. Keeping the kitchen cabinets looking like the day they were installed can be challenging. But we have some tips to keep the cabinets in pristine condition.

Cabinet Care in Some Simple Steps

  1. As soon as the cabinets are installed, wipe them down with a soft damp cloth. Cheesecloth is appropriate here. Once you have applied the moist cloth, come along with a soft, dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.
  2. For basic cleaning needs, use a water-vinegar mix; generally, 50-50 does the trick. Use a spray bottle to apply a light mix of the cleanser; let stand for a couple of minutes and wipe dry. If the cabinets are greasy or grimy, add some dishwashing detergent to the mix for the tough to clean spots.
  3. Wipe spills when they occur. Stains and finish discolouration can take a beautiful kitchen from a glorious vision and render it an eyesore in the blink of an eye.Clean looking kitchen
  4. Moisture can warp any kitchen cabinet, and a misaligned door face will never close. Keep moisture to a minimum, and always wipe your cabinets down when you are preserving fruits and vegetables. Steam will transfer moisture through water vapour, and it becomes invasive
  5. Temperature swings, between hot and cold, from humid to dry, can be a killer for kitchen cabinets. Humidity forces expansion, as does warm temperatures. Wild temperature swings will damage the structural integrity of the cabinets. Cold temperature force contraction, and if the water is present in the cabinet finish, it could cause the finish to bubble.
  6. Sunlight might be the best disinfectant, but it will wreak havoc with the finish of your kitchen cabinets. Try to mitigate direct sunlight shining on your cabinets; fading will occur almost immediately when UV rays beat down on cabinets.
  7. Toxic or harsh cleaners will cause the finish to bubble off or worse leave bare spots on the cabinets. Let’s not forget, harsh cleaners can present a risk for air quality, and contact with skin.

When you want to turn your kitchen into a conversation piece that utilizes the space available with design concepts that are second to none, visit our showroom at Senso Design. We have all of our kitchen concepts displayed prominently, and you can get a feel for the products and how they might look in your home. Our dedicated, professional staff will greet you warmly, treat you like family, and show you the best in kitchen cabinetry in the Greater Toronto Area. You don’t have to make an appointment, and it doesn’t matter the stage of planning you in, we will be there to serve your needs. We have financing options, an excellent warranty for our work and products, and our prices are consistently lower than the competition. Schedule your new kitchen design consultation today with a free estimate at Senso Design by calling 416-900-3675.
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