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25% off on all kitchen cabinets

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Get A FREE Countertop

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Classic Kitchens

A classic kitchen may be in keeping with the age old tradition but do not make the mistake of confusing it with a rural one. You can well have a classic kitchen installed within your city home today. Do not hesitate to go for the warm colors and simple décor either. The muted hues that you incorporate with the bright shine of gold and silver will make your kitchen an object of much envy in your neighborhood. Feel free to utilize the basic patterns that mimic nature onto your floor and walls. It will turn out to be an absolute delight.


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Modern Kitchens

This is an instantaneous reaction on finding a kitchen such as this. The entire room reminds you of an exquisitely painted canvas with minimal markings on it. The stark white blends appealingly with the metallic fixtures while the quaint bar at one side lends it an elegance that has to be seen to be believed. That is not all though! Just look at the beautiful table laid bang in front of the glass window overlooking the scenery outside. You will simply not resist coming back to the kitchen for all your chores whether it requires the use of a kitchen or not.


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Urban Kitchens

The SENSO Urban is a urban furniture system for your kitchen, which was developed based on decades of experience in custom kitchen manufacturing. The designs and finishes were selected by the experienced team of architects and designers. This is why, when ordering a SENSO Urban kitchen, you can be absolutely certain that your kitchen will be comfortable, reliable, and – last but not least – stylish!


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Urban Mix

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