10 Most Amazing Luxury Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas for your Toronto House

Building your dream kitchen requires a special approach, since anything you choose for it will be there for many years to come and you would expect it to be of a top quality. Not to mention how important it is to pick your own unique style to make that kitchen your own and make it stand out among all of the other kitchens alike. That is why we conducted this list, so that you can check out some of the nicest looking designs and get inspired into creating your own special place. Luxury Kitchen Ideas listed below:

1.Nordic Style Warm Wood Elements Cabinetry

Country house look for your luxury kitchen created with Nordic style warm wood cabinetry and stools that is combined with a simple skirting of white Waterworks tile.

2. Modern and Simple Ornament Paneling

Rich colour and a noticeable wood texture of the walnut cabinets highlight the smooth profile at the same time creating a warm and cozy feeling in every home. A neat appearance effect is achieved on the base cabinetry with slab doors that have invisible Euro-style hinges. Where upper cabinets have an open look due to the lightly tinted glass. The modern style is achieved through pure geometry of horizontal and vertical planes undisturbed by paneling and ornament.

3. Cabinet Doors with Metal Grate

Metal Grate cabinet doors create a perfect balance between a traditional closed and open storage creating a unique design that makes you forget about any worries of having to keep your essentials in a neat manner. There isn’t much you are able to see behind them, unlike with glass where everything is visible at a first glance.

4. A Glimpse of Italy

It is very popular among kitchen designers to mix wood finishes or colours by using a contrast to focus on various areas of the kitchen. The main cabinets which point out the workspace and store the appliances establish the kitchen’s Tuscan roots in a buttery tone aged by a distressed glaze finish. After which there is a central work area island that fixates its position with a richly saturated walnut brown. Deep red, coloured red with a buttery emphasis underlines the Tuscan influence by creating addition ornamental touches to the kitchen.

5. Marble Paved Surfaces

A bright open window kitchen that is highlighted by a multi marble paved surface creates a cozy and light atmosphere in any kitchen. This unique style is accoutred with a Bulthaup hood and a Wolf cooktop. Designed by Jean-Lois specifically for a handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez.

6. Dramatic High Gloss Glam

Nothing else speaks luxury in the same manner as a cabinetry coated with dramatic wine red lacquer. With a high gloss it creates a glam feel and the robust full colours add intensity and charm to the kitchen.

7. Rich Wood Look and Polished Stone

Marble countertops with polished like stone combine with cerused oak cabinets to create a luxury kitchen feel. With a nickel tile backsplash and the wall ovens, range, and hood by Wolf.

8. Contemporary Scandinavian Design

The uniform style of the cabinet, as well as the fittings throughout, are united by a variety of finishes. Front cabinets resemble industrial style, but the thoughtful choice of materials and additions creates a softer look. Filled with bright light and crisp linear design, this kitchen is the epitome of contemporary Scandinavian design. The basic cabinets in bright green and cool grey overflow the room with energy.

9. White Cabinets with Ash Wood

The contrast between black and white is softened by the presence of gray colour ash wood. At the same time it is a great addition to stainless steel as they fit perfectly together in a very unique and stylish manner, creating that rich look.

10. Clouded Glass Door Cabinets

Combining the best features of both worlds with opaque glass— the semi-transparent finish feels light, but still proposes a hidden storage. So that it still looks open, yet nobody can pick inside.

Obviously these are some wonderful and luxurious kitchen cabinetry ideas and you probably can’t wait to start using some of them in the making of that special dream kitchen of yours. Perhaps you would like to customize some of them to make your own unique designs and have your kitchen stand out. At Senso Design we can help you make that dream a reality, we offer you a chance to cooperate with our designers to create your own unique custom cabinetry for your dream house in Toronto.

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