Proper Kitchen Planning and Right Kitchen Layout

What purpose does kitchen planning have?

When trying to build a dream kitchen, whether it be remodeling an existing one, or creating it from scratch in a newly purchased house, people usually tend to get discouraged. It’s no wonder they feel this way, because there are so many things to be kept in mind and taken care of and not only that but it’s also very crucial to account for the room structure itself. Simply starting with having enough space to put certain appliances and finishing with, “Which wall can I knock down in order to keep the ceiling from falling down?” and this list of worries can go on and on. That is why it is very important to first collect all the required information and then put together a precise outline of every step that has to be taken in order to build that dream kitchen. That outline is usually referred to as a kitchen plan. It might include the following key information:

  • A house plan of the kitchen room in order to know important aspects, like for example which wall is the bearing one and should not be touched under any circumstances;
  • A kitchen layout that helps better understand the placement of the working triangle and that of the cabinets;
  • A working budget to help avoid any unnecessary financial burden and prepare for any additional spendings by leaving out extra money in case of any emergencies (at the end of the day no kitchen project can be carried out perfectly and there are a lot of challenges that can occur along the way, which are usually unavoidable, so it’s best to be ready for them when they do happen and if they don’t the extra money can be spent on any additional decorations);
  • A specific choice of the kitchen elements and their design that includes things like kitchen cabinets;

Most Popular Kitchen Layout Ideas

Typically there are 5 most commonly used types of kitchen layout.

1.The Single Wall/Straight Kitchen Layout

The single wall kitchen layout consists as the name suggests of one wall that contains all of the cabinets and kitchen appliances, because of that the working triangle becomes more of a straight line. This kitchen layout is ideal for smaller homes that don’t have much room. However, it can also be enhanced to fit with any kitchen size using more cabinetry to have more storage space. 

2.The Galley/Corridor Kitchen Layout

The galley kitchen layout consists of two parallel working stations that are facing each other creating a small work triangle. This kitchen layout is best for one cook. Just as with the straight kitchen it can be enhanced by adding more cabinets for some additional storage room.

3. The L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-Shaped kitchen layout works best for people who enjoy talking to their guests while cooking. This type of kitchen layout creates a work triangle of two adjacent walls which leaves enough space for an efficient working area. Additionally it can be enhanced by placing an island for additional cooking space or some extra cabinets.

4. The U-Shaped/Horseshoe Kitchen Layout

The U-Shaped kitchen layout allows for the most flexibility since it fits any kitchen size due its unique and very efficient work triangle positioning. This type of kitchen layout works well for few people cooking as each of them can work at their own workstation and not get in each other’s way. It consists of three walls that are placed in a form of a letter “U” and each of three sides have its own workspace to make cooking as efficient as possible. To enhance U-Shaped kitchen layout placing an island in the middle would work best, as it adds extra space for either food preparation, or a nice place to have a meal.

5. The G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The G-Shaped kitchen layout is basically a more advanced version of a U-Shaped layout, since the only difference is an added peninsula to one of the sides edges. Which can serve as an extra space for cooking adding also an option to talk to guests while cooking, or a bar counter where it’s nice to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends without going to an actual bar.

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