Why should you consider a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout for your Dream House?

U-shaped Kitchen

A brief explanation of a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Typically when designing the Kitchen space for your Dream House it is best to position the most frequently used kitchen appliances within the ‘kitchen work triangle.’ It is a very intuitive approach especially when used in a U-shaped layout this concept helps improve the efficiency and the speed of the cooking process, because everything you need is easily accessible and is placed in your own perfect order. A U-shaped kitchen is known to use three walls which are lined with all of the necessary kitchen elements, hence the name U-shaped(sometimes referred to as a “horseshoe”).

What are the benefits of a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout over other kitchen layouts?

  • There are different types and sizes that can fit with any Kitchen
  • Due to its practicality and smart positioning it allows for many customization ideas
  • Since all of the three side walls are used for cabinets you can utilize a lot of storage room for each item, which makes it easier to keep your kitchen organised.
  • The kitchen area is separated from other areas of the house, therefore it’s perfect for people who love some privacy while they are cooking
  • Such design layout permits you to place an island in the middle, or a peninsula at one of the edges thus compensating a lack of dining space
  • Due to the flexible design it can be easily made accessible for long term living, allowing you to cook even in a wheelchair

Some of the most common U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas include

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Designcan be very practical for small kitchen spaces, since those easily become extremely cluttered with all of the cabinets, appliances, and fixtures added together. Add on top of that mess some stacked cabinets and you have a disaster waiting to happen, since you’d have to be very agile to avoid dropping something by accident in such a tight workspace. Where in a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout the main idea is that everything is kept all around you and you can easily access whatever you need without worrying that you might knock something over. It looks more pleasant to the eye as everything is organised and neat. Moreover, you can add a countertop to one of the walls and therefore have a small eating space.

Medium Size U-Shaped Kitchen Designis basically the same as the small size, but because there is more space to work with permits storage of larger kitchen appliances while still keeping an open space for the kitchen to maintain a steady workflow. Like in the case of the Small U-Shaped Kitchen idea you can also add a countertop at one of the sides, or alternatively if you have enough space you can add a removable island. As long as the space doesn’t feel too crammed you can even keep some of the smaller kitchen appliances in the cabinets under the table space.

Large U-Shaped Kitchen Designis done in the same way as all of the previously mentioned ones; however, it is best recommended to pair it up with an island in the middle. Otherwise, the whole kitchen in itself will feel hollow due to the empty space left in the result of all of the cabinets and kitchen appliances optimizations. With a presence of an island all of that previously unused space can be used for many different purposes. It can serve as a huge dining area not only for your family but would also be great for inviting some guests, surrounding the island with some bar stools to comfortably sit each and everyone of them. Not only is it great for hosting parties, but also it can be very helpful serving as a part of your cooking station. Since you can always place a sink there to wash all the fruits and vegetables before cooking them and even do the main food preparation while at the same time keeping track of your oven and stove without worrying about not having enough time to constantly move away and check if nothing is burnt or overcooked. 

Additional U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Organizing Ideas

In this type of kitchen layout you have a complete freedom to place full floor-to-ceiling cabinets due to the fact that a U-Shaped Layout can spread everything out linearly. In a U-Shaped Layout Design it’s best to place storage at the far ends of the “U” shape, this will make sure that the workflow triangle of all of the essential kitchen elements is maintained at the other end.

A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Renovation Ideas

The main advantage of a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout over other layouts is in the fact that it can help you better utilize your existing wall spaces that need to be taken down to create an open layout. This will allow you to place all of your kitchenware and cupboards against the existing walls. However, in order to get the best out of it and not ruin your kitchen it is recommended that you work with an architect who will be able to define whether the wall is load-bearing and what possible precautions need to be made.

Recommended width for a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

When it comes to the width of the U-Shaped Kitchen Layout most designers recommend no less than ten feet, anything smaller than that will make the space feel cramped and will create issues with your efficient usage of your storage cabinets. It will also make it much harder to take out any kitchen elements. While there are no rules on how big your U-Shaped Kitchen Layout should be in particular, having larger measurements will get in the way of your kitchen’s practicality. One way to avoid this would be to place a large island in between any of the sides of the “U”.


A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Design can be a great idea when planning out the kitchen space of your future house. It is certainly one of the most practical ones and can be installed within almost every possible kitchen size. It is extremely customizable and anyone can build it to their own preference, even those homeowners who are planning to age in place.

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