24 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Successful Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Successful Renovation

In many homes, the kitchen is the focal point for the family to come together. Preparing meals, spending time together as a family, planning adventures with friends; for many, it is the most essential room in the house.

Whenever you watch home renovation shows, you always see that the kitchen is one of the most significant projects that always draws attention, whether the floor plan, the functionality, the materials or the colours.

Unfortunately, sometimes kitchens age and fade or you might be unhappy with a kitchen remodel, and you feel like you need a fresh and updated look or maybe even change the layout with some good kitchen renovation ideas. This blog will look at great kitchen remodeling tips for a successful renovation

Importance of Kitchen Remodeling

As mentioned above, the kitchen is the most essential room in your home, whether for home-cooked meals with your family or in preparation for a potential sale of your house, making remodeling your kitchen one of the most significant investments you can make in your home.

A well-executed kitchen renovation can enhance the comfort of your home and raise the value of your property, so it’s critical to plan it well to get the most out of it.

Benefits of a Successful Kitchen Renovation

You’re not alone if you’ve grown tired of cooking and baking because your kitchen has been outdated or just not functional. A remodel can help you fall back in love with your kitchen.

A successful kitchen renovation will not only give you an updated and fresh look but also can improve the functionality, increase storage and build comfort, making it feel like the true heart of the home.

24 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Successful Renovation

Plan Ahead

Like with so many other things, planning is critical. Take the time to take stock of what you have and where you want to go. Determine what items you can’t live without, what you would like to see in your kitchen in terms of functionality or design choices and last, but not least, your budget. Kitchen remodels can quickly get expensive, especially if you intend to change up many things, so knowing your budget can go a long way in adequately planning your renovation.

Keep the Kitchen Triangle Rule in Mind

As part of the planning stage, determine your work patterns. The kitchen triangle rule plays an essential role in planning the layout of a kitchen. The triangle refers to the stove, the sink and the refrigerator.

  • The sum of the triangle’s three sides should not exceed 26 feet.
  • Each leg should measure between 4 and 9 feet.
  • No side of the triangle should cut through a kitchen island or peninsula by over 12 inches.

This rule will prevent you from wasting steps and make you more efficient.

Ensure Enough Space

While the kitchen triangle rule increases the efficiency in the kitchen, you also have to keep in mind that you might not be alone working in the kitchen, so you should also ensure enough space for two (or more) people to move comfortably without getting in each other’s way.

Plan Kitchen Clearances

An often overlooked detail is to plan for the appropriate clearances around fridges, ovens, cooktops and sinks. Ensure you have enough space before or around them to give you enough workspace.

Set up a Temporary Kitchen

Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodel, it can put it out of commission for a while. Consider setting up a temporary kitchen with old cabinets, countertops, and countertop appliances, such as a toaster oven, hot plate or microwave for quick meal preparation. Add a coffeemaker and a small refrigerator, and you’re set, even during a slow kitchen renovation.

Use Bold Cabinet Designs

The cabinets of your kitchen can be a great way to make a statement and can add a lot of style and personality to the whole room. If you have a small kitchen, natural wood or white cabinets can give the impression of space.

But you don’t have to stay traditional; you can go bold, with solid colours, like a dark grey contrasting against white countertops. You can also forgo wood and opt for glass doors to open the kitchen even more.

Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been a significant style element that offers a lot of versatility. Not only can an island add counter space, but also storage. And it doesn’t stop there. You can use it for meal preparation as much as entertaining guests. You can raise one side of it and quickly transform it into a breakfast bar, endless possibilities.

However, one thing to keep in mind is the space in your kitchen. You will want to ensure that an island will not obstruct movement in the kitchen or interfere with the opening of the fridge and stove doors. One way to give it a test run is to build a full-scale model out of cardboard or plywood and place it in your kitchen for a few days. This will give you a good idea if an island is right for you. If you don’t have enough space, consider a kitchen trolley on wheels that you can move out of the way if needed.

Use Uncommon Shelving and Storage Spaces

Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you can maximize the use of space with some innovative shelving in places where you can’t fit a cabinet or to have something easily accessible at your workstation.

Add a Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash can serve several purposes. For one, it can protect the wall of your kitchen against potential splashes or sputters, but it also gives you an additional design option to add accents to your kitchen. If you don’t want tile, opt for laminate or vinyl to protect your walls.

Install Advanced Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have become a staple in most kitchens due to their durability, simple maintenance and timeless design. They can be paired with almost any stylistic choice for the rest of the kitchen, are easy to clean, and, in most cases, are more energy-efficient than the traditional, older appliances.

Some higher-end models also come with smart technology, allowing you to control settings with an app, and some also offer integration with home assistants such as Alexa.

Add a Touch of Metallic Hardware

Appliances are only one place where stainless steel or metal, in general, can add an interesting stylistic touch and flair to your kitchen. Stainless steel sinks are not just sleek but also the most durable, resistant to rust and easy to clean away spills and stains.

Don’t Shy Away from Adding Personal Touches

Add personal accents, such as pictures or a piece of furniture you designed or built, mix and match different chairs or paint an accent wall. After all, you’re living in your home and want it to be comfortable and feel like you. The only exception is when you intend to flip the house; then, you should go for what is most attractive for potential buyers.

Order Countertops After the Cabinets Are In

If you are going for a complete remodel, wait to order your countertops until the cabinets are installed. This may sound a little odd, but sometimes walls are not entirely straight or not quite as square as anticipated. Take measurements and use a carpenter’s square to avoid an ugly gap between the wall and the countertop.

Install Storage Under Cabinets

Storage space always is at a premium, and so is counter space. Consider under-cabinet drawers or pull-down racks to store small items such as spice containers or knives for instant availability without cluttering your counter.

Consider a Closed Layout Kitchen

While open-concept kitchens have been trendy for a long time, sometimes you can’t or don’t want to tear down a wall. Consider creating a pass-through window to keep the wall and cabinet space but still open up things a bit more.

Lighten Up a Small Kitchen

Natural lighting is essential in any kitchen, especially if you have a small kitchen, it becomes even more critical. Avoid dark colours as they can make an already small space feel even smaller but opt for white or some light pastels such as yellow or blue to create the feeling of openness.

Play With Colour

Don’t be afraid of colours. We’re not saying that you should go overboard and overwhelm the space, but you can add colour accents with a backsplash or decor elements to contrast the rest of the kitchen. This also makes it easier to change things up because you don’t have to redo the whole kitchen.

Plan for Cabinet Clearance

Technically not a big thing, to ensure that your cabinets open without bumping into other doors when opening more than one at a time can save a lot of frustration. Also, consider which way they open to provide the highest efficiency when working in your kitchen.

Add an Office Nook

With many people working from home, at least some of the time, the kitchen often becomes a part-time office. If you have a corner in your kitchen to spare, consider making space for desk space, comfortable seating and storage.

Break Up Cabinetry Blocks

If you don’t want your kitchen to be one solid block of cabinets, consider breaking things up by using shelving or glass doors to break up the uniformity. Small details like this can make your kitchen feel more open and inviting.

Install Kitchen Outlets

There is this saying that there can never be too many power outlets. While there can be too much of a good thing, there is something to it. We use more appliances than we sometimes realize and often simultaneously, so plan for multiple easily accessible power outlets. Also, consider adding USB sockets to charge your phone or tablet as you work and stay connected.

Play With Floor Patterns and Materials

The kitchen floors often are a neglected factor in kitchen renovations. Use different materials and patterns to complement the style of your kitchen. Tiles can add texture and colour, while other materials such as bamboo are durable, tough and moisture resistant, making it an ideal choice for a kitchen.

Arrange hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern, or if hardwood is putting too much strain on your budget, look into engineered woods instead. Either way, ensure to choose flooring with a waterproof finish.

Don’t Forget Kitchen Lighting

As mentioned above, natural lighting is essential in a kitchen, but sometimes it is impossible to get as much as you would like. This is when kitchen lighting comes into play. Consider pendant lights above countertops and other work surfaces or under-cabinet lighting for focus light for tasks.

Mix and Match Natural Finishes

Other than stainless steel appliances, natural materials are becoming increasingly popular. Mix and match wood and bamboo with marble or linen to create warmth, depth and style.

A kitchen can be a very exciting but also a very challenging project. It allows you to breathe new life into your kitchen, create a space to share laughs and meals, relive previous and plan new adventures, so we hope our kitchen remodeling tips for a successful renovation can help you along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the most out of my kitchen renovation?

Determine your budget, plan what you can’t live without, and work from there. This will give you a good idea of how much funding you will have left over.

What should I start first when remodeling my kitchen?

A budget and plan should be the first things to do so that you can get off to a good start. What you should start with depends greatly on the scope of your remodel; call us at 416-900-3675 to learn more about the most efficient way to remodel your kitchen

What are the important elements of a kitchen renovation?

The most critical elements to remember when remodeling a kitchen are storage, work surfaces and efficiency.

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