Post-Pandemic Home Projects for Sprucing Up Your House


After spending so much time at home the last 18 months, it’s no surprise that people are wanting to update and spruce up their interiors and exteriors. If you plan to follow suit, you want to get the most bang for your buck, particularly if you’re of a mind to sell in the next six months. Senso Design offers some home projects for improving your humble abode’s overall appeal.

Dining room with simplistic modern design

Hire a Designer

Spaces that are attractive and cozy make us feel good. Unfortunately, not all of us have a knack for design or the savvy to remodel a space. Consider putting the task of updating into the hands of Senso Design. Whether it’s a kitchen makeover or a custom set of cabinets, you’ll have a space with new life that brings you joy every day.

Do It Yourself

If your budget doesn’t allow for large remodeling home projects, there are inexpensive improvements that can be made. Hang framed photos along hallways, or add plants to sunny spots. Peel-and-stick wallpaper makes changing your home’s appearance a snap. For only a few dollars, you can have durable and fresh wall coverings. Other DIY options that can be worthwhile include repainting interior walls or your front door, updating bathroom and lighting fixtures and enhancing your curb appeal. Depending on your efforts, you could even bump up the value of your home!

Refurbish Shelving

You can transform boring bookshelves into appealing eye candy. Add a new coat of paint, and rearrange your collection into groups of books in rows and stacks. Tomes that are visually unappealing can be disguised with specialized dust jackets. Add a touch of class by placing decorations, such as seashells, candles, and photographs, in strategic locations.

Modern living room design from project

Enhance Dining

Researchers who collect data about eating habits have determined that the trend of dining at home is going to continue. More people have realized that cooking from home is often cheaper and offers more control in terms of eating healthy. Reorganize pantries and refrigerators so that everything is neat, and toss expired items. Improve mealtime atmosphere with fresh placemats and candles and by putting together playlists that set a desirable mood.

Add Charging Stations

Technology has become an enormous part of our lives. When visitors come calling, they’re likely to ask if they can recharge devices. There are many beautiful docking stations for purchase, but money doesn’t have to be spent to achieve a fashionable look. You can make a wireless charging station out of a bread box, shoebox, magazine rack, or picture frame and keep wires out of view. Choose an item that reflects your personality and add design flourishes for a classy look.

Implement Artistic Touches

Give each room in your house a defining element. Place a piece of uniquely built furniture in your living room. Put whimsical incense burners and deodorizers in bathrooms. Paint your own art and put it over the fireplace, or build a sculpture that can stand proudly in your front yard. Either one will become a conversation piece and remind you of your creative abilities every time you see it.

Use these ideas to make your dwelling as comfortable and appealing as possible. The more you upgrade your home, the more enjoyable it’ll be.

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