10 Unique Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

When trying to design your own dream kitchen or bathroom, it sometimes becomes harder to choose specific styles for the cabinetry, flooring and other important elements that would make your house stand out in front of others. That is why we created this list of some of the best modern Kitchen and Bathroom design ideas to help inspire you to create your own unique composition.

1.Traditional Bathroom Design with a Fresh New Look

A very special and cozy looking traditional bathroom design is created from the use of lots of white as well as bamboo roman shade with a slight hint of green. This gives a new and fresh look to make you feel refreshed even before taking the shower.

2.Smooth Grey Bathroom With Crystal Chair

White and grey marble countertops and floor create a super modern looking smooth and stylish bathroom design. A great addition to it is the crystal lucite chair, a trial of 1960s contemporary style that still stands with current day standards.

3.A Mix of Gold and Silver Create Luxurious Touches to This Bathroom Design

This unique and rich bathroom design is created from a balanced mix of gold sconces and silver cabinet pulls. As well as a golden coated mirror frame to give an even more luxurious feel to this bathroom design

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4.Country Style Bathroom with Cream and Gold Accent

A sophisticated approach to a rural house bathroom is achieved with a unique master bathtub design, a custom made dresser and cream and gold accent combined with dark brown wooden cabinetry and warmer tone of laminated floor. In addition this luxurious ceiling lamp helps take this country style design to the next level.

5.Ocean Blue Marble Top Bathroom

This unique looking bathroom design creates a breezy atmosphere by using ocean blue marble top on the exterior of the bathtub and shower, as well as inside of it to create a feeling of being in the middle of the ocean.

6.A Classic Wooden Texture Kitchen Design with Stone Grey Floor and Beige Walls

An L-Shaped Kitchen with an also L-Shaped island uses lighter shade of wood cabinetry combining it with wooden red bar stools and gray stone grain for the floor make them fit perfectly with beige walls and ceiling with open wooden beams creating a cozy looking classic kitchen design modernized to fit today’s norms.

7.Smooth Chocolate Brown Kitchen Design with Stainless Steel Details and Waterfall Tabletop

A smooth and modern looking kitchen with chocolate brown contemporary installation highlighted with stainless steel lining. Complemented by a frosted glass panel, a white stone floor and a white waterfall tabletop that creates a unique style for a kitchen island.

8.Modern Silver Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

Dominated by stainless steel appliances matching the gray and silver cabinets and a kitchen island, this professional setup combines with white ceiling and an earthly industrial floor design.

9.Luxurious Glossy Furnish For a Modern Kitchen Design

This stylish minimalist kitchen flourishes by using the same color and glossy furnishes all around both cupboards and the kitchen island drawers. This way it creates an ultra-modern kitchen by using smooth and luxurious looking surfaces including kitchen cabinets that only enhance the modernity of this kitchen design if matched with other surfaces.

10. Ultra-Modern and Unique Concrete Kitchen Design

A concrete kitchen made out of varnished concrete with an addition of a rolled steel worktop. It achieves an ultra modern look since concrete is the ultimate material for this style, which is even more multilateral than it might seem.

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