Our professional designers help you find the right style, match the profiles and the countertops colors. We provide up to 3 free project designs.


Our prices are 20%-50% lower than the average market price. Financing options are available.


The expected lifetime is over 10 years. Modular kitchens come with a 24-month warranty.

Price Accuracy

No “small print” tricks for our customers. Our prices are guaranteed to stay the same as they were when you signed the order.

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Why Senso kitchens?

Senso Design kitchen collections are produced by the largest Western Europe manufacturers using the most advanced German and Italian equipment and supported by ISO 9001 certification with over 20 years of experience in woodworking and interior design.

Environmentally friendly

The coating is absolutely non-toxic; it contains neither chlorine nor halogen compounds.


Resistant to mechanical abuse; no fading or cracking a strong protective layer resistant to ultraviolet radiation – no color changes due to sunlight.


Resistant to moisture and detergents; wet cleaning does not damage the material; dirt is washed away easily thanks to the pore-less matte structure.


Pleasant velvet matte surface, which is hardly distinguishable from painted facades; stylishly fit into both classic and modern kitchen interiors.