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One of the integral parts of any kitchen furniture set is the countertop, which carries rather significant physical and functional load, as well as plays an important decorative role. Intensive use of countertops, which exposes them to moisture, cleaning chemicals, abrasives, mechanical abuse, as well as sharp temperature changes, sets multiple requirements to these work surfaces

  • Resilience to moisture and aggressive chemicals
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Repellent to fat, oil, and colorants
  • Mechanical resilience
  • Peeling resistance

Advantages of moisture-resistant post-formed countertops

Superior usability

  • Resilience to blows – achieved by using specially modified glue, which is uniformly distributed under press
  • High strength and durability – ensured by omnidirectional distribution of woodchips, which leads to uniform distribution of any applied force throughout the entire countertop
  • Decorative 0.4 mm plastic layer at the back side of the countertop (backing), which supports
    • Resilience to deformation
    • Moisture protection, as well as prevention of formaldehyde emissions
    • Mold resistance
    • Stable white color
    • Odor prevention
    • Ease of cleaning
  • Wide range of countertop surfaces, both flat/sleek and textured (slip-resistant)
  • High degree of UV-resistance

High moisture resistance

  • Water repellent emulsion reduces expansion of countertops exposed to moisture to 15% in 24 hours
  • Water-resistant countertops keep their initial size/shape under sharp changes of temperature and humidity, in the different climates (e.g., in high-salt environments)

Environmental friendliness

  • Wood constitutes 90% of the countertop
  • High quality and the machining simplicity are ensured the purity of the raw materials, from the base layer made of heartwood of specially selected tree types, to modern impregnation emulsions and glues
  • Low formaldehyde content
  • Special tree types and innovative components that adhere to the European standards
  • Materials are recommended for use in child-care facilities, and are absolutely harmless when storing food

Countertop design

  • There is a countertop in any modern house. For a housekeeper, it is an important workstation. However, kitchen countertops can be not only useful but also play an important role in the interior design. Theoretically, countertops can be made of any material, including marble and granite. However, practical considerations suggest light, strong, water-resistant materials. Moisture-resistant post-framed countertops adhere to these suggestions. Optionally, these countertops can be augmented with a wall panel (apron).
  • Countertop post-forming is a technology based on coating particle board panels with a layer of plastic, which is heated and then molded around pre-prepared base. This type of coating is well known for its reliability and resistance to all kinds of mechanical abuse. Post-formed countertop will serve you well and long.