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No home can survive without cabinets and that happens to be a fact. From kitchen to the bathroom; bedroom to laundry rooms, there is nothing as essential as the humble cabinet. Do not be surprised by the matter of fact mention though. A cabinet is anything but simple and you need to check your dimensions carefully before going with the one that fits with your needs. The right choice of color and material is sure to make your home stand apart while the magnificent cabinetry in all possible places becomes the talk of the town. Go out and bedazzle one and all courtesy the clandestine cabinets!
Dark closet cabinetAround the home, many needs develop, and they require outside help. Certainly, kitchen cabinets from Senso Design will fit any bill. But, did you know that we supply the best in bathroom vanities, closet organizers, home office cabinets, and laundry cabinets? We carry an extensive inventory to meet your storage and décor needs that complement our excellent kitchen concepts. We are the Greater Toronto Area leader in cabinetry, and we specialize in quality cabinets for your home or office. Bathroom vanities need to perform many tasks. The first thing is, they need to be functional, storing bathroom supplies or towels are essential features of bathroom vanities. Once you have a bathroom vanity, it needs to match the design of your bathroom.
A closet organizer will keep your clothes and other items sorted out to maintain an orderly home. The closet organizer gives you space back in your home. Your closet organizer is the place where you can store a variety of things, from clothes to keepsakes, or anything that needs a home. When you have a closet organizer installed in your home, it will relieve stress that a mess will create. No more searching the house for that jacket you want to wear, or the shoes that go with your outfit, everything is in one place, in the closet organizer. Your home office is your financial nerve center; you make decisions that affect your financial security and promote your talents. It only makes sense to reflect your business abilities and demonstrate you understand how to organize your workspace. Home office cabinets are functional; you can hang coats up, store merchandise, or they can act as storage for documents, or records you need to retain. Laundry cabinets are a family’s best friend. It gets the clutter off the floor and in a place where the mess can be organized neatly. No more searching for the fabric softener, laundry detergent, or other items that are stored in the laundry cabinets for safekeeping. There isn’t a home that can do without the simple cabinet. You find them in every room in your house, and without a sturdy, solid cabinet, you have your possessions everywhere. Your choice of cabinets is what will define your home as a warm and inviting place. Not to mention maximizing the space you have through your use of cabinets to take advantage of the limited space under your control.

Bathroom Vanities

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Benefits of Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms need bathroom vanities to keep all the items in a bathroom stored in a common area where they are easy to find. Do you want to hunt for a razor or a toothbrush when you’re running late? No, you want to open the drawer and find them, use them, and return them to the appropriate place. Bathroom cabinets augment the bathroom storage space. You can put towels, toilet paper, and other items in them for safekeeping. We have a large selection of cabinet styles to meet space or design requirements. All of our bathroom vanities can be matched to one of our quartz or laminate countertops to highlight the cabinet’s features. It starts with the organization of the bathroom; bathroom vanities offer the storage you wouldn’t have if you didn’t have one. You can keep the mess out of sight and out of mind and keep your bathroom looking great. Organizing small items is one role that bathroom vanities fulfill, and it makes for easy cleanup in the bathroom. You're not moving a million little things to get at the sink or mirror; they are all in one place. Bathroom vanities can add value to your home, if you decide to sell, bathroom vanities, done right, will be an accent that buyers notice and remember.

Laundry Cabinets

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Benefits of Laundry Cabinets

If your laundry room is organized, it will look a lot like your kitchen. You will have laundry cabinets, like your kitchen cabinets. Certainly, you will have a laundry sink and faucet, a lot like your kitchen sink. And, last but not least, you will have a laundry sink. A complete laundry room will have all the accouterments, and at Senso Design, we can walk you through all the options for your laundry cabinets. Your laundry room shouldn’t be a no-go zone of disorganization and clutter. It should be an area that serves the need with high-quality décor. You can have your laundry room your way, and it can be equipped with our quartz or laminate countertops to provide the workspace you need when folding clothes.

We spend a great deal of time in our laundry room, and having laundry cabinets that make our stay shorter is important. A laundry room is a functional workspace, and you must use the space as best as you can. Laundry cabinets provide better storage solutions, and they help keep the laundry room clean and organized. You can store supplies, soap, detergent, and fabric softener in laundry cabinets. The cabinets create a workspace for folding and sorting of the clothes you need.

Office Furniture

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Benefits of Home Office & Office Cabinets

Space is at a premium, doesn’t matter where you work, you need to space to operate your business. You can work at home, or have an office somewhere; you need cabinets in your office. In a home office, a wall that consists of shelves is the place where you store relevant documents or designs that your business needs. At the office, your cabinets can be a statement of stately design and tell your visitors that you have taste. But, the overriding consideration is taking advantage of the space available to keep your business on track. We have many different styles of cabinets that can reflect your business and your approach to business. If deep, dark cabinets are what you are looking for, we have them. If you need something a little lighter in colour, we can mix in the right colour schemes to define your business.

Your home office cabinets or office cabinets are the first thing any visitor or employee sees when they enter the workplace. Quality home office or office cabinets say professionalism in a way the spoken word never could. Efficient home office or office cabinets that are efficient to work with, are pleasant to look at, are highly motivational. Accessible shelving and cupboards that are adjustable create a workspace to help employees thrive and prosper in a positive environment.

Closet Cabinets

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Benefits of Closet Organizers and Cabinets

Drawers, racks, and shelves are what we provide with your closet organizer at Senso Design We can make your bedroom or any other room that needs a closet organizer, one that is organized and orderly when storing clothes or other household items. We can create any cabinet combination from our extensive inventory that will blend in with your sense of style. You have many choices for different combinations of drawers, shelves, and racks to meet the storage needs of your wardrobe and shoes. You can’t discount the benefits of custom closet organizers in your home. An organized space reduces clutter. You will have your clothes at your fingertips, saving time searching for the right outfit. You can save money on your clothing allowance, no duplicate buying, as you see everything you have. You can recycle your wardrobe when you have clothes that are out of style or don’t fit the way they used to. If you believe in Feng Shui, you’ll have higher energy because you have removed the distracting elements of or life. Lastly, who doesn’t want more storage in their home

Care and Maintenance of your Cabinets

Bathroom vanities, home office/office cabinets, closet organizers, and laundry Open kitchen cabinetcabinets will need to be cared for, and cleaning regularly is a must. Providing a clean, sanitary place to get ready for work or a big date is imperative as a function of the cleaning process in the bathroom. In your office, you want to put your best foot forward meeting new clients, and clean cabinets help with the first impression. Cleaning your closet organizer helps keep your clothes from being exposed to dirt and grime. Dust and dust mites, moths, and other small insects can ruin your clothes if you don’t take care to clean your closet organizer. Laundry cabinets can get dusty or worse yet have cleaning products spill on them. Harsh chemicals can damage the finish and turn a beautiful set of laundry cabinets into junk in a flash. The type of cleaning product you use is important, use the wrong substance, and your cabinets will be damaged. A soap and water solution with a soft cloth is the best equalizer when it comes to dirt or grit. If you have stubborn stains or caked-on dirt, you can add a little vinegar to the water solution to boost the cleaning power

When New Cabinets Are Installed

  1. The first thing you want to do is wipe down your new cabinets with a warm water/soap solution with a soft cloth material. Then, repeat the process, use lukewarm water to rinse to remove the soapy film.
  2. Any spills should be wiped up promptly to ensure stains don’t become part of the finish.
  3. Keep moisture to a minimum.
  4. Avoid high temperatures and high humidity
  5. Don’t let direct sunlight shine on the cabinets. UV rays will fade any surface, and the lustre of the finish will dull
  6. Harsh cleaners, steel wool, and Brillo pads shouldn’t be used on any cabinets.

Choices Mean Options

Cabinet close upAt Senso Design, we help everyone pick out of the cabinets for their home or office. Our design consultants have years of experience dealing with space constraints, design ideas, and options for hardware that other cabinet firms don’t. We look at the overall picture to formulate a cabinet solution for your bathroom, office, laundry room, or closet, that will be functional and stylish to conform to your home’s décor. If you don’t see a style or colour combination in our inventory, our design team will find it for you. It is part of our comprehensive service that leaves every customer with a smile on their face when their new cabinets are installed. Our cabinets are made from the finest materials on the market. We work some of the leading lights in the industry to provide the best accents to adorn your cabinets. We work exclusively with Blum, Egger, Formica, Ironspan, and Renolit to provide the best materials in the business for your new cabinets

Cabinets The Senso Way

When you buy your cabinets from us for any use around the house, we want to assure you that they meet the highest standards are met. We use environmentally friendly materials and use little in the way of toxic compounds. Our cabinets contain no chlorine or halogen products. Our finished cabinets are durable and will last for many years. The construction and material used are high-quality that resist damage. A layered coating will protect the cabinets and countertops from UV rays that are incredibly harmful to any piece of furniture. In a practical sense, Senso Design cabinets need no unique cleaning process or chemicals to bring a dirty surface back to brand new. Our cabinets are simply beautiful and offer an aesthetic look that the matte surface provides for visual opulence. We offer a two-year warranty for workmanship, and our cabinets will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For a no-cost consultation, call our showroom to book an appointment to discuss your cabinet options for the office, bathroom, laundry, or bedroom. Our design team has the ideas you need to begin your project, and they will treat you like a friend when you visit. At Senso Design, we have all the answers you need to remodel your home with quality cabinets, call our showroom today for your consultation at 416-900-3675
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