Choosing the Best Quality materials for your Toronto Kitchen

When it comes to building your dream kitchen in Toronto, kitchen cabinetry plays the most integral part. Since it not only creates the visual appeal for your kitchen, but also serves as a storage space and keeping everything in place. That is why it is crucial to pick the right kind of materials that are going to be used for the cabinetry, it will not only affect the longevity of the cabinets, but also determine the budget that you are going to require in your project. Each material also has a different affecting the overall look and style of the kitchen, even without any additional decorations and ornaments.

What are the commonly used materials in kitchen cabinetry and what makes each of them stand out?

Hardwood also known as solid wood is considered to be one of the most durable kitchen cabinetry materials. Due to the fact that it’s a solid piece of wood and unlike any other materials it does not consist of wood pieces glued together, or any other kinds of composites, which making it much harder for the pieces to break apart, as well as it tends to be more resistant to dents and scratches. However, hardwood tends to be pricier than alternatives, as well as the fact that it starts to lose its shape after a few years use due to constant expansion and contraction.

Fiberboard also referred to as MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) is known to be the most popular alternative to solid wood, considered to be the most cost effective solution and has been heavily used in IKEA furniture and cabinetry. MDF when compared to other composite materials tends to be much stronger and denser. It is manufactured by pressing together recycled fibers, resin, and wax under high pressure, fiberboard having much smoother surfaces which makes it perfect for any paint job. The only drawback is that it is not as strong as any other solid wood materials such as hardwood and plywood, therefore it is more likely to get damaged by water.

Plywood is another type of solid wood material but in contrast to hardwood it is more similar to MDF, since it is also a composite consisting of glued and laminated wood that is overlaid with a hardwood veneer. It is a bit pricier than the fiberboard, but much less costly than hardwood and is still considered to be a moderately low-cost material. Plywood is known  to have more protection against dampness, and to be generally steadier than MDF. However, there are different grades of plywood ranging from E all the way up to AA, the higher grades are of a much higher quality and durability but also more expensive, the lower grade on the other hand costs much less but lacks in quality and appearance. It is very crucial to pick the right grade of plywood as it will have a huge impact on the overall structure of your kitchen cabinetry.

Particleboard also known as chipboard is considered to be one of the cheapest materials. It has a generic look and does not really make your kitchen standout; therefore it is mostly used when price is the main concern. It is made from recycled wood products formed into sheets and pressed together. After that it is usually finished with either a laminate, or wood veneer layer. Because of this, particleboards are mostly used for boxes and shelves.

Glass is also one of the materials used in kitchen cabinetry, it is much more fragile than solid wood, or any of its alternatives; however, it helps add that luxurious look to any kitchen. If, used properly glass can really help make your dream kitchen stand out and create that modern atmosphere that will win the heart of anyone who steps into it. It is best used in combination with other materials, since glass alone will not only cost you a lot of money, but any damage would require you to replace the entire cabinetry.

Stainless steel has started to gain popularity among contemporary kitchen cabinetry designs and has been seeing more frequent use. It no wonder, since not only it creates that futuristic look in your kitchen, but also is more durable than any type of wood.  However, due to its surface, it is prone to scratches and fingerprints thus it requires much more maintenance than the wood cabinetry does.

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What are the ways you can mix these different materials?

Despite such a huge variety of materials used in kitchen cabinetry, there isn’t really one specific  material that fits into any type of kitchen, as well as the fact that each of them have their own pros and cons which makes it even harder to pick one and just run with it. Picking the right material is a very individual process and requires a special kind of approach and proper kitchen planning. In fact, it is recommended to mix different kinds of materials for your dream kitchen, since it will not only help you customize the kitchen to your liking, but also serve as a great way to account for all of the defects that each of the materials have. Just as you can use glass for door panels, the same way you can use stainless steel to add finishing touches to your kitchen cabinets. In fact, you can also use hardwood in combination with all of the mentioned alternatives keeping that rich and durable appearance, but at a much lower cost. There are many different creative ways to make your kitchen stand out with a luxurious look using different materials and styles for your kitchen, ideas for which you can find in this article about most amazing luxury kitchen cabinetry ideas.

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