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Your home is your castle. A place to take refuge from the daily grind and a sanctuary for all that you consider important. Our homes sustain our family unit and must be a place of comfort and security. To get to that point, on occasion, our homes need work. From basic upgrades to full-blown renovations, to new construction, potential upgrades can only enhance the quality of life we enjoy at home. You know us as Senso Design, your premiere cabinet company in the Greater Toronto Area, and now we take our expertise to project management and home renovations.

Our organic growth has led us to a wrap service that incorporates every facet of your home makeover. And with our expertise, we bring your home improvement project to a spectacular conclusion. We will introduce you to some of the best products for any bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, basement finishing and much more.

Our work has been exemplary, and our customer satisfaction is off the charts. We employ excellent craftsmen who have many years of experience refreshing the old and tired home with cutting edge designs. Interior and exterior design concepts will take your breath away when we complete your dream project. We, at Senso Design, are not happy until you are happy with the results.


Our expanded service base

We encompass all areas of construction design, architectural design, and interior design to create a home to live a healthy and happy lifestyle in that your family will just love. Refreshing or adding to the home you love is our task and we accept the opportunity to improve your lifestyle with vigor.



Buying a distressed asset like a home that needs a major facelift, or a handyman’s delight can be an economical alternative to purchasing a new home. When you contact us at Senso Design, we want you to be aware that we have the skills to manage the project from the onset to the conclusion.

  • The catalogue of services for a home renovation by Senso Design includes: general contracting and management, vinyl windows and doors upgrades, masonry and concrete work, stucco for the exterior, interlocking brickwork and landscaping, fences, decks, and driveway paving, custom kitchens/bathrooms (designed, built and installed), countertops (marble, quartz, and granite), millwork, flooring, tiling, insulation protection, remodeling, framing, drywall installation, painting (interior/exterior), stairs (refinished or new), supply and installation of new interior doors, entrance ways for basements, a finished basement, and additions.
  • Home living room construction
  • Normally any construction project will include the following stages:

Step #1: Feasibility Studies

Step #2: Architectural Design

Step #3: Interior Design

Step #4: Engineering

Step #5: Construction

  • In the design stage, we define your expectations to deliver on the promise of excellent results based on experience and expertise. You can review our project floor plans or create one of your own, and we will work to make your vision a reality.
  • During the project, you may want to change something in the design you have chosen. We will make that change happen, but there are costs, and the increase will have a bearing on the final price of your project.
  • As we work our way through your project, we will issue progress reports every step of the way. When changes are made to the design, we will apprise you on how it affects the timeline for the completion of your project honestly.
  • Budgets are everything when renovating, and our experts at cost containment and control will keep a watchful eye on all costs associated with the project. The best way to do so is to set a comprehensive budget, and we will supply the costs in an easy to read document that needs your approval before we begin.
  • A complete home renovation will require permits and municipal licensing before it begins, and we take the reins to deal with the appropriate agencies, to get the project moving.
  • Resource allocation is one of the many places we shine as a project manager. We budget staff to meet the challenges that any home renovation demands and you can count on our team to meet all deadlines on time.


Kitchen renovation

Your kitchen is the family meeting place. Meals are enjoyed, the family interacts over a conversation, and that is the glue that holds a family together. You need it to be a warm and inviting place where comfort is the key to the enjoyment you will experience.

best kitchen renovation service

  • As part of a wide array of services for your kitchen renovation, we will provide – upon your request many products to enhance your living arrangements. Our selections include: Kitchen and vanities, fireplace units, bar units, entertainment hubs, walk-in closets and wardrobes, laundry and mudrooms, and commercial millwork.
  • The process starts with the pre-design stage. After a meeting with our interior design team, we will present you with original plans that act as a guide that you can review. Mixing and matching is certainly an option should you want the best of all worlds, and we will make it happen for you.
  • You can’t engage in a project of the magnitude of kitchen renovation without knowing the costs, and how we will stay on budget. Our experience at Senso Design, as project and budget manager, is the start of our fiscal responsibility to you as the consumer. We create a comprehensive budget that broken out line-by-line, to show you exactly what the costs will be, and what results you can expect. The material comes with a cost – some more than others – and we will show the materials that match your expenditures to bring the project in on time and budget.
  • The work will begin when we obtain authorization from you. The work in progress will be updated regularly. Any changes or revisions to the original plan are incorporated as we go – and any additional costs incurred will be added to the final price of the work.
  • The timeline of the project is very important to us at Senso Design. We work to allocate all the resources necessary to complete your project on time within all regulatory frameworks.



To maximize your home’s space, a basement renovation is one place that the extra room can be put to good use. Your basement is mostly completed – walls, a floor, and ceiling, become your design tableau. Bring your vision to our design team and will bring it to life at Senso Design.

  • It doesn’t matter how large or small your basement is, we at Senso Design, can make the room your getaway for entertainment, and make it a true recreation room.
  • Converting that space into a: living room, movie theatre, playroom, a second kitchen, an extra bathroom, bar, sauna/steam room, additional, built-in cabinets, wine racks, and walk-out basements, or combination of a number ideas, can be created.
  • Finishing your basement comes with several requirements that we will meet, to get your new room ready to enjoy. It starts with your design concept for a new room, in accordance with the uses the room(s) will satisfy. This initial concept will include a layout that will illuminate all the project requirements, to meet building codes and your comfort.
  • The technical aspects of the project will include, but not limited to: electrical upgrades/installation, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and drywall. As we complete the guts of the work, we will move on to the exterior finish that includes: painting, trim, hardware, and flooring.
  • Keeping the project running on time and budget is what we do at Senso Design. Your new basement will be the envy of all your friends, and the costs will be in line with the direction you have supplied our company.
  • Contact Senso Design for basement renovation services in Markham



For our urbanite friends, who reside in a condo, we at Senso Design want you to know we have ideas to improve the quality of life, through renovations for your unit. Let’s face it, space in the city is at a premium, and comes with large costs. So you have to make the most of what you have.

  • Our design team can help with initial concept creation, or work from your plan, to create a space that matches your style and taste. We provide advice and finished work for: open concept (removing walls), kitchen upgrade, new lighting, an island (quartz, marble or granite countertop), a complete bathroom renovation (vanity, tiles, fixtures), and new electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • Ideation is at the centre of what we do at Senso Design. Our team will take your thoughts and bring them to life, with a few options, to satisfy the requirements of your new living area. Should have a design or two that you have sourced, know that will make that our mission and will succeed on your behalf.
  • Budgeting will be the key to the success of the condo renovation project. It starts with engineering, permits, materials, and labour. We provide a detailed account of all the requirements needed to complete your project. We build your budget based on need without cutting corners.
  • The condo management approvals, permits and municipal licensing needed are our responsibility to obtain, taking one more thing off your project renovation plate.
  • A schedule will be constructed with flexibility in mind, and our team will be conscious of all deadlines to be met. We will schedule the labour, make sure materials arrive on time, and complete your project safely with quality in mind.
  • We issue project reports at every stage of your project to keep you in the loop. We can pivot on a dime when you want changes – but we want you to know that added costs and timelines can expand based on the changes.



Refreshing a bathroom with new fixtures, cabinetry, lighting or tiles will increase your equity position. Costs, if not monitored, can explode, that is whey we meet with you to discuss your aims, and how we can fulfill them based on your budget. Remodeling or new amenities are what we provide when you engage us at Senso Design, for a new bathroom project.

  • Every renovation project needs a plan, and at Senso Design, we cater to the plan with options. Or, you can bring in your idea of a new bathroom, and we will breathe life into it.
  • To begin, we demolish your old bathroom and take all old materials away for disposal. Our process works like this: remodel the bathroom, install new plumbing or electrical wiring, new tiles (marble granite or porcelain), shower glass (supplied and installed), replace the vanity, new bathroom accessories/fixtures, painting, trim, hardware, and flooring
  • In life, the only constant is change, and we stand at the ready when you want to make changes to the original design. Bear in mind, additional material costs and labour costs can affect the outcome, but we will work to accommodate your needs
  • A complete budget will be drawn up before we swing a hammer, and as the customer, you will know the fixed costs before the project begins. We don’t scrimp or cut corners because you don’t, and we wouldn’t recommend anything that is outside of your price range.
  • Permits and municipal regulations are part of what we supply, as your project manager, and renovator. We don’t contravene regulations, nor do we start a project without permit approval for your protection.
  • As we move through the stages of your personalized bathroom renovation, we will update you as we meet deadlines. We combine expertise with resource allocation to secure your project’s completion promptly.



You have outgrown your family home – additions, like children, create the need for more space. Moving isn’t an option, but an addition to your existing structure is, and we at Senso Design, are here to help. An addition is a big project that requires approvals from many different places, and new engineering to make the project come off without a hitch.

  • We specialize in all types of additions: garages, granny suites, man caves, rooms for a growing family, home offices, small production facilities, and more.
  • When we craft a plan for your addition, we have the design team that works with an engineer to develop blueprints that meet regulatory standards that encompass your needs.
  • Like any project we assume responsibility for, we will address your budget with a detailed breakdown of all expenses, to complete your addition. Our timely reporting on progress is part of our work. Permits and regulatory authority requirements will be our mission before we start any work on site. Project changes are welcome, but they come with increased costs for material and labour.



A business needs space to grow and drive economic activity through expansion. Our project managers and interior design teams can make the most of your available space. A renovation will propel your industrial or commercial concern to the stratosphere of your sector of the economy. It doesn’t matter how large or small the project is, we will complete it to your satisfy your needs. Many factors go into a project like this, and industrial or commercial renovation. You must consider all the mitigating circumstances involved before you begin.

  • We will develop plans for renovations that include: new offices, warehouse additions and expansion, retail refresh and fit-ups, medical/dental/lab improvements, the creation of a franchise unit, pharmacies, office interior improvements, and ground-up construction.
  • With many projects of this nature, we insist on a detailed consultation is completed before any work begins. The plan we create a plan and your participation are crucial to meeting the demands of the end-use for the structure.
  • When budgeting for a project of this magnitude, there will be many details to satisfy before we begin. Cost projections rely on detailed plans – changes to plans will create increased costs, so be prepared if the inevitable becomes reality.
  • Reasonable timelines will be created and require adjusting should problems arise, as they do from time to time.
  • As we complete different requirements associated with your project, we will report them in a timely fashion.
  • Every project is unique in the needs it poses, and the solutions required for completing it. Keep that in mind, as this could one of the biggest ventures your business undertakes, and a healthy dose of patience is required.

As your renovation project manager, we at Senso Design, listen as well as we hear our customers concerns and desires. Our expertise in project management, our experience in working on projects big and small, and our attention to detail are what our customers demand. We have completed many projects, and our work is respected all across the home renovations sector.

Contact us at Senso Design to begin planning the renovation that will turn your home into the opulent palace of your dreams. Call us today at Senso Design to book your appointment for a consultation for your renovation project at 416.900.3675