Different Types of Home Renovations that Boost Home Value

Types of Home Renovations that Boost Home Value

Many homeowners look into renovating their properties to provide their families with the utmost comfort – however, it is not uncommon for people to renovate their homes in order to sell it either. Buying a recently renovated home gives new homeowners a sense of satisfaction and joy, which is why people are often tempted to renovate their homes right before selling – renovations significantly boost the value of a house.

In this article, you will learn and understand why and how house renovation projects increase home value.

The Types of Renovations that Bring Value to Your Home

If you wish to renovate your home in order to increase its sale value, it is vital that you remain aware of the different aspects you have to consider and invest in your project. After all, a home renovation is more than just breaking some walls and buying new furniture – you must take part in basic renovations and cosmetical renovations while keeping the different areas of your home in mind.

While a basic renovation involves fixing leaks on the roof, upgrading the air conditioning and heating appliances or adjusting the electrical or plumbing systems, a cosmetic renovation focuses on interesting details that make the difference – like adding a deck to your backyard, underpinning your basement, installing glass doors and enclosures in your bathroom, or changing the flooring in your living room.

Full home renovations focus on:

Renovated kitchens are a major step to increasing the value of your home. You can have a more open space by removing cabinets and adding shelves instead, investing in a kitchen island, having as much natural light as possible and installing a lot of lamps.

Kitchen Renovation ideas 3

For bathrooms, you can add a colour contrast or make your bets in a more neutral palette of earthy tones, for instance. Mixing natural elements gives an extra luxurious touch to a bathroom, and it is also a good idea to add a lot of lamps in it – behind mirrors, in the shower box, or close to the bathtub. Bathrooms are as important as kitchens when it comes to renovations.


You should never neglect your basement space either. You can transform it into a gym, a wine cellar, a sports bar for friends and family, a movie theatre, a game centre, or invest in additions to make it an extension of your house – with extra kitchen and bathroom.


Here are some other different types of renovations you can make in order to boost your home’s value:

Create Additions Inside the House

A great way to boost the sale value of your property is to create additions in your space. Increasing the square footage of your home (if possible) significantly skyrockets its value to potential buyers – and you can make use of a new bedroom or bathroom, or simply add more empty space to the living room.

This investment is very advantageous to buyers who have more extended families and may consider buying your home thanks to the extra addition.

Add More Light

The more illuminated, the better your house will look! Good light fixtures can easily make your home more inviting, especially your basement.

Upgrade Your Outdoors

A great way to add an extra charm to your home is by investing in the outdoors as well. You can create a nice front garden, and add a BBQ area to your backyard – with an outdoor kitchen, a pool, or a deck. Invest in a nice and cosy patio or put lights and cushions in your balconies (if you have any).

Potential buyers will certainly be satisfied to see they can purchase a home with such interesting additions and a brand-new renovation. If you intend to sell your house, the return on investment you will get from different types of home renovations will certainly not disappoint you – with upgraded systems, new appliances, elegant finished and attractive outdoors, you will have no issue finding a new family for your place!

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What adds the most value to a home renovation?

Remodelling different areas of your home, restructuring the plumbing and HVAC systems, changing the lighting or adding more open spaces are great tips to gradually invest and initiate a home renovation project.

How can Senso Design help me boost the value of my home?

Senso Design combines different fields into a single renovation project: we work step-by-step on the planning, construction and interior decor of your home, all the while keeping you updated on our progress and, of course, guaranteeing your total satisfaction.

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